Contrashock is a two-day contra dance festival in NYC. Presented by CD*NY and Brooklyn Contra.

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CONTRASHOCK! 202x will feature:

The Mean Lids
Uncle Farmer
Will Mentor

Due to the ongoing pandemic we are not holding CS in October 2020 as scheduled. We are exploring several potential options and will post future updates here.


COUNTRY DANCE * NEW YORK, a vibrant and long-standing intergenerational NYC dance community, involves New Yorkers in fun, lively dancing, supports local musicians, callers, and dancers, and hosts weekly English Country Dances and Contra dances.


BROOKLYN CONTRA supports the dynamic cultural evolution of traditional music and dance. We host a season of fun and accessible dances and exciting special events, as well as engaging educational programs for dancers, musicians, and callers. Brooklyn Contra creates an inclusive and safe environment in order to foster sustainable community